Final Thoughts

By Ashleigh Petts

Well, it’s that time. As I prepare to publish my project, Mapping Rust Belt Chic: A Rhetoric of Cleveland, here are my thoughts about the outcome.

What I Did

I read Rust Belt Chic: The Cleveland Anthology and noted every mention of a place name in the book—town names, building names, street names, names of businesses, parks, other geographic features (e.g., Lake Erie). I also took notes quotations accompanying place names that I thought I could use for the final project.

After finishing the book, looking over my notes, and considering the collection as a whole, I chose to feature nine locations in my project. I chose each location based on relevance to the essay (and, sometimes, essays) I found it in, as well as relevance to the collection of essays as a whole. Here are a few questions I kept in mind as I made my selections:

  1. How does this place fit into the broader concept of rust belt chic?
  2. How does this place demonstrate Cleveland’s revitalization (or lack thereof)?
  3. Could this place be meaningful to readers, native Clevelanders, and those who may not know much about the city at all?

My aim was to be true to the spirit of the book. I Read more at…


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